A Sirius Guide to Chicken Gettin
The Pup from Up
Who me?
I'm from the Dog Star,
And Earth knows me as...

The Bother from Another Plan8
Chicken is a must
to fulfill my mission.
Whoop . . . No chicken?
Then it's Bother, Bother, Bother.
Now, I'm a Field Beagle and
gettin Chicken plenty!
My job?
Teach those Show Dogs
how to get the Bird!
All those cages and their gettin' kibbles?
Oh please, toss um a steak!

Ahh, you ask ... why should you
(the Bodyguards) give us
(the Beagles) Chicken?

fast forward to funny 12.
What if there's no meat anywhere?
(hey...could happen).
And lets say you've got yourself
a Field Beagle,
aka Master Rabbit Hunters ...
you've got yourself a
Show Beagle,
aka Master Blue Ribbon Hunters.
I mean ...
who's your Puppy?

The Gizzard of Oz

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